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Clutter-free search for screen readers on digital libraries.

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Find with Sam is a Google Chrome extension aimed at creating a better search experience with digital libraries for screen reader users.


  • Better, cleaner search pages and results
  • Toggle on and off interface
  • Supports Google Chrome
  • Supports JSTOR and ACM Digital Library

Planned Features

  • Better accessibility: hotkeys, voice hints, settings/about page
  • Support all other major browsers
  • Adds tooltips where it lacks
  • Support more major digital libraries
  • Open community support for any website
  • Send feedback feature


  1. Install the Extension from Chrome Web Store.
  2. Browse to a digital library like the JSTOR or ACM Digital Library.
  3. Click on the orange/grey button to enable or disable Find with Sam. You can also use Alt+S hotkey to toggle it.
  4. Open an issue to suggest a feature or report a bug!


Load unpacked extensions and contribute your own additions!

  1. Fork this project and clone it to your computer.
  2. In Google Chrome, go to chrome://extensions/.
  3. Check "Developer mode" is ticked.
  4. Click on "Load unpacked extension..." button and navigate to the folder of this tool.
  5. Refresh your webpage. If it's supported, you will see an orange circle on the address bar.
  6. Edit findwithsam.css and reload the extension to see your changes!
  7. Send us a pull request!

Project Team

Martin Tomitsch, Design Lab, University of Sydney

Kim Wilson, University of Sydney Library

Xavier Ho, Design Lab, University of Sydney


John Allsopp, Web Directions

Sheron Kerr, Global Access Project

Kylie Colvin, Global Access Project

Katja Forbes, Perceptive Ideas

This project was funded by the auDA Foundation in 2014:

Project Contact

Xavier Ho

Contributors and Testers are welcome.